SecuSight IP solution provides an absolute security solution,
capable for both indoors and outdoors of retail stores and offices.
It provides high-resolution real-time monitoring via IP cameras
deployed on your essential sites and areas that require surveillance.

4K Ultra-HD NVR

SecuSight NVR supports 4K Ultra-HD (8 megapixels) resolution for your top-quality surveillance experience.

By connecting 4K-compliant network cameras to your NVR, you can monitor and record the video footage in the best resolution available.

SecuSight NVR has also decreased the live stream latency on data transfer between IP cameras, NVR and smartphone,
giving you a seamless and immediate visual information on the site.


Instant, easy installation

Built-in PoE

As SecuSight NVR is equipped with a built-in PoE switch, PoE support network cameras can be powered via single ethernet cable, with automatic power balancing and allocation features for cameras that require extra power.


SecuSight NVR can automatically detect and register ONVIF compliant network cameras, which can be done within a few seconds.


Smart search and playback

Monitoring recorded videos with no event tags can be an exhausting task.

SecuSight NVR provides Smart Search option to minimize the search time and effectively point out undetected events.


Thumbnail search

Thumbnail search shows video images of a one-minute interval in a split-screen to instantly spot the difference between each image.


Multi-time search

Multi-time search option can display split-screen videos in a designated time interval for each screen from a minute to 24 hours.

Access from anywhere

Web Viewer

Monitoring and managing a recorder from a remote location require complicated network configuration and may be restricted to a specific device.
SecuSight Web viewer supports live monitoring, remote configuration, playback, etc. and can be easily accessed from external network in remote location.


Mobile app

You can access SecuSight NVR through a mobile app, which can steam up to 4 channels and has a snapshot and digital zoom feature.
You can also search the recordings and download to your smartphone and share videos and snapshots to SNS.

ezP2P cloud-based management

SecuSight NVR can be accessed from an external network without additional port forwarding configuration.

ezP2P is a cloud-based video management system, which provides overall monitoring and management
on all registered recorders and cameras you own.


POS system integration

In most point-of-sale situations, undetected theft and mistakes are one of the most common reasons for revenue loss and inventory shrinkage.
SecuSight NVR integrates Point of Sale system, which overlays the information of POS transactions on the live display and recorded to the NVR.
The text displayed on the screen include its item, time, price, etc. and also can be easily searched by keywords and timestamps later on.


Intelligent device management

Device failure during an event might be the worst-case scenario for every surveillance practices.

SecuSight NVR offers an intuitive dashboard that displays the system status such as network, power, camera connection,
and S.M.A.R.T. parameters for a storage health check.

As high-resolution live streaming is often workload intense, SecuSight NVR automatically adjusts the resolution
of all live stream channels to reduce CPU load.


NVR Lineup


GS-FN5000 series

  • Plug & Play with Built-in PoE switch
  • IEEE802.3 AF/AT : Auto Power Distribution to each PoE port
    (Max. 30W/port)
  • ONVIF Compliant & Auto IP Camera Detection / Registration
  • Intelligent Dual (Main&Sub) Stream Recording/Display
  • System Performance Monitoring (Bandwidth, Network status…)
  • P2P function that doesn’t require Port Forwarding
  • iSCSI function support – External HDD through Network
  • Smart Search – Thumbnail search & Multiple time search
  • Link Local (Zero configuration) supports
  • H.264 I-Reference supports