Face Recognition &
Temperature Measurement

SecuSight GS-SFT01 is a contactless access control system
designed to protect your business area from potential exposure to viral infection

Automatic fever detection access control system
with facial recognition for your business

Equipped with infrared thermal imaging technology and deep learning algorithms,
SecuSight GS-SFT01 can quickly identify the person’s body temperature and facial identity for efficiency in real life applications.

With minimum configuration, the system can be accessed from both local and external network
with intuitive user interface for easy operation and management.


Highly accurate fever detection

The conventional temperature measuring with handheld thermometer requires both manpower and manual work.
It also requires to maintain close distance with the examinees which can raise the chance of infection.

SecuSight GS-SFT01 automatically measures temperature within a safe distance while saving manpower.
It also instantly informs the ones with abnormal body temperature to your access control system to prevent the exposure to unknown risks.

As it is designed for biometric screening, it delivers a precise measurement within a distance of 1 meter.


AI facial recognition

99.5% Accuracy

Powered by deep neural network, SecuSight GS-SFT01 can detect the individual’s facial identity more than 99.5% accuracy rate even when the person is wearing a mask.

Mask detection

The facial recognition system detects whether the person is wearing a mask. If an individual without a mask passes by, the screen displays the message that the person is not wearing a mask.


Speedy recognition time

SecuSight GS-SFT01 can hold up to 30,000 facial images and recognize a facial information in near real-time.
When a person steps in, a snapshot of this person will be taken and compared
with the facial information in the database using deep learning algorithm.
This whole process only takes less than 200ms and can be done from a 2 meter distance.


No complex installation

SecuSight GS-SFT01 simply requires a power cable to fully operate. After you connect the power, you can simply connect the LAN cable to your router or your PC for initial set up.
Just a simple network configuration will be required from your PC and it is good to go. The overall installation process will only take you approximately 5 minutes.


Easy set up and management

SecuSight GS-SFT01 can be thoroughly managed through a web manager. With its intuitive web interface, you can easily control your organization’s entrance system with various features such as uploading snapshots and access logs, department and employee management, and system configuration.
You can access your web manager via any kind of web browser including Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox.

Application Scenario

SecuSight GS-SFT01 is an all-purpose access control system which can be applied in
any kind of business scenarios to avoid the wide spread of infectious diseases.

It is prepared for both indoor and outdoor installation since it is IP66-rated dust/waterproof
which means it can withstand powerful jets of water.


Office buildings can be advantageous on keeping the contagions outside compared to other scenarios, unless it has a proper non-contact body temperature access control system with facial recognition.



Shopping centers are swarming with customers from unknown regions with unidentified health status. Therefore, it is necessary to place automatic temperature measurement device in every entrance to prevent massive outbreak.

Mass events

Outdoor events often face challenges with people accessing from every sides. It is necessary to narrow down the access point and set up access control devices for proper check of every attendance’s body temperature.



Patients and medical personnel in medical institutions are one of the high risk group that require strict quarantine and temperature check not just when entering from outside but also when moving between different floors and sectors.